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Five ways to avoid sports injuries

When you play football whether it is for competition or fitness, you don't want to be benched with an avoidable injury. Injury can mean time away from the game you love or recuperation due to enforced recovery, this is something that we all want to avoid. Yes, of course, it is actually, impossible to prevent every injury, however, it is agreed by many authoritative organisations that up to 25% of athletes who take appropriate preventative action avoided injury altogether.


Here are five ways you can apply injury prevention no matter what sport you play.


1) Ensure that you are in an appropriate condition to play a sport like; Football

As a weekend warrior and not someone that plays sport daily, you increase your chances of sports injury. Make sure you are sufficiently prepared by training yourself at the gym or club. Regular conditioning will help provide muscle tone and resilience.

2) Read and understand the rules for your sport

Created to aid gameplay, but also to keep things safe, knowing the rules will keep you safe, especially in contact sports like football and rugby.

You need to learn them and to play by the rules of conduct. Respect the rules on illegal procedures and insist on enforcement by referees, umpires, and judges. These rules are there to keep athletes healthy. Know them. Follow them.

3) Wear appropriate protective gear, clothing and equipment

Protective shin pads, socks and clothing, good quality football shirts and shorts are imperative sports kit sites like Custom Sportswear can help, they are kit suppliers and can help teams like yours.


4) Rest

Players that have a high number of consecutive training sessions have more injuries. It is a fine balance between getting into a sensible physical condition or overdoing it, which will cause fatigue and poor judgement.
Rest is a critical component or training, correct recovery can make you stronger preventing injuries. So avoid playing when tired or in pain as this is a set-up for a careless injury, pay attention to the warning signs your body provides.

5) Always Warm up, each time you play football

Warm muscles are more supple and therefore much less susceptible to picking up injuries. Taking time to warm-up is essential for injury prevention it also helps provide a more rounded development and naturally avoids exposing weaknesses that are the route of problems. A warm-up might may be simply starting your sport slowly, or practising a specific stretching or mental rehearsal depending upon your activity.

Research and consultation provide us with helpful clues about the cause of sports injury. The biggest factor is having a history of injury. Previous sports injuries to a muscle or joint tend to develop into chronic persistent problem areas for many athletes, sports massage and physiotherapy can help. It is extremely important to warm up, and stretch previously injured parts.

Recovery days can reduce injury rates by giving muscles and connective tissues an opportunity to repair and stabilise between training sessions.