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Sponsorship of the League

The League is delighted to announce that it has reached an agreement with its new sponsors, Barnes Print Ltd. of Dereham, to become the main sponsors of the League. The agreement is for three years. The company, which is based in Dereham, has been the League’s Cup Final programme producers for many years. For more information about our sponsors, see their website at
The League uses the sponsorship monies for the direct benefit of its member clubs. There are cash awards to the winners of the annual Sporting Award, the Club of the Year award and fake omega watches the Secretary of the Year award, a Club of the Month award during the season including a match ball for the monthly winners, reductions in club subscriptions and further investment and enhancement in the League's website.
Simon Barnes, the Managing Director of Barnes Print, said “Having started playing in the then Dereham & District League at the age of 13 some 38 years ago for Dereham Town A and winning my first medal in the Ambulance Cup final on the old Dereham Rec., the League has always held fond memories for me. This continued throughout my footballing life and especially whilst hosting the finals at Aldiss Park throughout my tenure as Chairman of Dereham Town Football Club. I have always thought the League the best run League in the County and the officials original use of the watch should be proud of their achievements in what is a difficult time for local amateur football all over the County. We are proud as a company to have to have been associated with the Central and South Norfolk league over many years now through producing their Cup Final programmes, which I hope gives the Cups an extra dimension. We as a company are delighted to sign a three year sponsorship package with such a highly regarded League and look forward to working with John and the Committee over many seasons.
The League is extremely pleased to be able to obtain new sponsors with such a well known company in local football circles and is looking forward to continuing our excellent relationship with Barnes Print into the future. John Turner, the League Secretary, said "The League is delighted to have agreed a three year sponsorship deal with Barnes Print, a local and well known company based in Dereham at the heart of our rolex replica watches catchment area. The company has very close connections with the local football world which makes it an ideal partner for the League. We look forward to working closely with Barnes Print to continue our primary objectives of further growing and developing the League. In short, the League is delighted to be associated with Barnes Print and this arrangement for a continuing relationship with our new sponsors is seen as being a very important part of our development plans for the future".

Megan Barnes of Barnes Print Ltd signing the agreement for the three year sponsorship deal at the AGM on 7 June 2016


Club Support Scheme

At the end of season 2006/07, the Management Committee agreed to establish a Club Support Scheme for the League as part of the Financial Strategy it had adopted. One of the objectives from the Strategy was to adopt an annual scheme where excess balances may be used to assist member clubs on a selective or annual basis. The intention is to use the League's financial resources to assist and encourage clubs on an annual basis, either generally or by a selective method. For the first season, the Scheme was used to provide every team in the League with a match ball and these were distributed at the Annual General Meeting. The following season, the Management Committee decided to reward clubs with good disciplinary records by means of financial awards at the end of the season. At the AGM in 2013, a new loyalty module to the Scheme was announced. This rewarded clubs in terms of how long they have been in continuous membership of the League.

The Club Support scheme will continue into 2016/17 on the basis that all team will receive 100% subsidy on their entrance fees for the League Cups and the Ambulance Cup. This means that every team will not have to pay anything in respect of entrance fees for those competitions, saving them up to £54. In addition, the new teams entering the League will not have to pay a League affiliation or entrance fee this season, a further saving of £75. The cost of the loyalty module to the League will be some £1,200 for next season which means that, when coupled with the cost of the annual awards, the League will be giving back some £1,650 to its clubs next season. The League believes that this further development of our Club Support scheme does precisely what it says on the label, i.e. provides support to our member clubs. We also think that this is unique within junior football in the country and is another first of which we can justifiably be proud.

Respect Programme

The Management Committee agreed to recommend clubs that the League should participate in the Respect programme which was launched at the start of the 2008/09 season by the FA. Information about the programme can be found on the FA website by clicking here. The first step in agreeing to participate was to ask all clubs whether they wished to participate as part of the League's commitment given that this is currently a voluntary scheme.

As a result of the responses received, the Management Committee agreed to hold an Extraordinary General meeting in the new year. However, that decision was reviewed and the matter was then discussed at the AGM in 2009 when Respect Information Packs were handed out to all clubs.

In season 2009/10, the Football Association recognised the contribution of the League to the Respect programme by naming the League as runners up in the grassroots section of the national Respect and Fair Play awards.

Training Seminar for Club Administrators

The Management Committee provides a training seminar for club secretaries and other club officials who have responsibility for or are interested in club administration. The objective of the seminar is to provide a detailed hands-on advice session of the do's and don'ts of club administration relative to the League's Rules and Byelaws. This season's seminar took place at Aldiss Park, Dereham on Monday, 15 August with all clubs required to attend because the seminar was followed by a presentation by Norfolk County FA on the match based suspension system to be introduced for the coming season. There will be no seminar for next season as all clubs have attended in the last three years.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the League was held at Central Hall, Wymondham on Tuesday, 13 June. The meeting elected eight new teams to membership giving the League 45 competing teams for this season. The new teams are AFC Weeting, Bacton, Beetley, Hockering, Hockering Res., Mundford Exiles, SB Dereham and Yaxham Res. They are joined by eight teams from the Norwich & District Saturday League as part of the recent merger between the two Leagues. We are pleased to welcome Dussindale Rovers, Hethersett Athletic OB, Home Care Utd., Norman Wanderers, Norwich Medics, Taverham, UEA A and Wensum Albion.

The League will be constituted into three Divisions with the 3rd Division being further split into two regional Divisions of East and West.

Colkirk were named as the winners of the Sporting Award Shield having achieved an excellent clean sheet in terms of disciplinary offences. Dereham Taverners were named as the Club of the Year and received the Ricky Brown Memorial Shield for the excellent season in which they won the Norfolk Primary Cup for the 3rd successive year, the Division 2 Championship and two other Cup competitions. Sue Barnes, Secretary of Cockers, received the Nigel Riches Memorial Shield as Secretary of the Year.

The Clup Support scheme will cotinue into next season on the basis of the loyalty module which means that all teams will receive 100% subsidy on their entrance fees for the League Cups. In addition, the new teams will not have to pay a League affiliation or entrance fee this season, a further saving of £75.
The meeting adopted the revised Norfolk FA Standard Code of Rules for next season.

There was one change to the Officers for next season with Hector Chambers standing down as League President after 60 years service to the League. He will be succeeded by Michael Banham, the current Chairman of the Norwich & District Saturday League and also Norfolk FA Chairman. The new team will be:

President - Michael Banham
Chairman - Gary Briggs
Deputy Chairman - Malcolm Stebbings
Secretary/Treasurer - John Turner
Deputy Secretary - Mick Utting

The following were elected to serve on the Management Committee:

Simon Bell, Steven Boddy, Ed Colman, Doug Morse, David Sewell, and Phil Williamson. In addition, two current members of the Management Committee, Aaron Bowers-Shorten and Andy Clarke will be joining the Committee.

Matt Carpenter from Norfolk FA, gave an update on a number of matters relating to football in the County and answered questions from the floor.

The provisional constitution of the League for the new season was agreed at the meeting and can be seen by clicking here.


A copy of the Annual Report can be obtained from the League Secretary - contact him at .

The Annual General Meeting for 2018 will be held at the Central Hall, Wymondham on Tuesday, 12 June at 7.30 p.m.


Committee Meetings

The Management Committee last met on Tuesday, 16 May. The items discussed at the meeting included:

  • Financial Report
  • Applications for next season - Clubs for interview
  • Request to change name – Billingford
  • Respect handshake
  • Benevolent Fund Annual Report
  • Sponsorship Annual Report
  • Cup Finals
  • Referee Coverage 
  • Norfolk County FA
  • Club of the Month awards - March and April/May
  • Annual Awards
  • Arrangements for Season 2017/18 
  • Proposed alterations to the Rules
  • Nominations 
  • Budget for 2017/18
  • Future of the website
  • Annual Training Seminar
  • Temporary Dismissal Pilots
  • Medals for managers

Dates for Management Committee meetings this season are:

Tuesday, 13 September
Tuesday, 15 November
Tuesday, 10 January
Thursday, 9 March
Tuesday, 16 May

The Rules Compliance SC last met on 1 Junel. 9 clubs were fined £610 for various breaches of League Rules.

The Emergency SC last met on 22 June to consider two new applications to enter the League and the necessary changes to the Constitution.

The Honoraria and Administration SC last met on 23 April 2014 to consider the level of honoraria and allowances for the following season.


League Trust 

The first Annual General Meeting of the League Trust was held on 22 December 2009 following the establishment of the Trust earlier in the year. The three new trustees had been appointed by the Management Committee and are Simon Barnes, Simon Bell and Dale Brown. They were confirmed as members of the Trust's Executive Committee along with the League Chairman, Secretary and Deputy Secretary. Dale Brown was elected as the Trust's Chairman with Hector Chambers as his Deputy and John Turner as Secretary to the Trust. The next AGM was held on 25 January 2010. At the League's Annual General Meeting in June 2010, Derek Barnard was appointed as a trustee in place of Simon Bell who had become a member of the Management Committee.

League Representative Matches

In 2005, the League played a representative match to mark the League's centenary. The Management Committee then agreed to introduce this on an annual basis and, as a result, the League invited the North East Norfolk League to play us. The first match was played at Aldiss Park, Dereham on 7 May 2008. The League beat the North East Norfolk League 4-2. The match against the North East Norfolk League was played again on 6 May 2009 and the League won 2-1. 

Promotion and Relegation

The Management Committee considered the question of promotion and relegation for this season at its meeting on 9 March 2017. As a result, it was decided that two clubs would be promoted from both Divisions 2 and 3 and that one club would be relegated from both Divisions 1 and 2.