How to find out about suspended players


Suspended Players


Norfolk County F.A. regularly publishes a list of suspended players. A copy of the list of suspended players from clubs in this League can be seen by logging onto their website at suspended players

The League also maintains a list of suspended players who have been suspended by the League, normally in respect of monies owing to the League either personally or by virtue of having been registered for a former club which left the League whilst still owing outstanding fines, fees etc. The list is sent to all clubs at the start of the season but additions can be made during the season. It is important that you check the list to ensure that any player you wish to register is not on the list. A copy of the list can be found by clicking here .

There are severe penalties for any club who plays a player who is under suspension and for the player in question. If you are in any doubt about a player's status, please check with the League Secretary or Deputy Secretary who will be pleased to advise you of the latest position. You can obtain an updated list of suspended players at any stage of the season by e-mailing or telephoning the League Secretary.